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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Asteroid 2005 QQ87

JPL/HORIZONS                     (2005 QQ87)               2014-Dec-03 15:43:43
Rec #:530344 (+COV) 2014-Sep-12_12:17:06     # obs: 52 (2005-2014)
FK5/J2000.0 helio. ecliptic osc. elements (au, days, deg., period=Julian yrs): 
  EPOCH=  2454437.5 ! 2007-Dec-03.00 (CT)          Residual RMS= .27303        
   EC= .3031120594670821   QR= .6968320203827482   TP= 2454614.6607866557      
   OM= 155.0827683457962   W=  54.47813449079076   IN= 33.94229881367796       
   A= .9999197573283777    MA= 185.3679511050879   ADIST= 1.303007494274007    
   PER= .9999              N= .985726285           ANGMOM= .016392167          
   DAN= .77208             DDN= 1.10215            L= 204.3708543              
   B= 27.0291607           MOID= .0794868          TP= 2008-May-28.1607866557  
Asteroid physical parameters (km, seconds, rotational period in hours):        
   GM= n.a.                RAD= n.a.               ROTPER= n.a.                
   H= 22.7                 G= .150                 B-V= n.a.                   
                           ALBEDO= n.a.            STYP= n.a.                  
ASTEROID comments: 
1: soln ref.= JPL#11, OCC=1
2: source=ORB 
These are two graphs showing the movement of the asteroid in a frame of reference co-rotating
with earth
Sun is at (0,0) and Earth is at (1,0).
In this moment, the asteoroid seems a quasi-satellite of earth
However, the libration seems quite fast, so the "quasi-satellite" status is absolutely 
Alessandro Odasso 


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