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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hilda Asteroid 2017 OJ65 - an old TNO?

This object is currently an Hilda asteroid.

I run a simulation using the nominal orbital parameters read from JPL (Horizons Web Interface).

Uncertainty condition code: 0

Mercury6 simulator: configuration
More about the orbit simulator "A Hybrid Symplectic Integrator that Permits Close Encounters between Massive Bodies'' can be found here.

Main integration parameters:

   Algorithm: Bulirsch-Stoer (conservative systems)

   Integration start epoch:         2458000.5000000 days
   Integration stop  epoch:        -10^8 days
   Output interval:                     100.000 days
   Output precision:                   medium
   Initial timestep:                      0.100 days
   Accuracy parameter:             1.0000E-12
   Ejection distance:                  1.0000E+02 AU

Simulation results

This plot has been made using the R-package.

This seems to show that this asteroid was previously a TNO.

Kind Regards,
Alessandro Odasso

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